Tallulah Willis Sees Her Sister Scout’s Assless Chaps And Raises Her A Topless Weed Smoking Photo Scandal

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Tallulah Willis

If there's anything a quick search through the gossip blogs will tell you, it's that Scout Willis is by far the most tabloid-y of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s three daughters together. She's worn assless chaps, written bad poetry, and been arrested for multiple violations of the law, while her 18-year-old sister Tallulah has had just the one measly citation for underage drinking…until now!

As it turns out, Tallulah was just biding her time until she turned 18 so she could leak a topless photo to the tabloids without having it be child porn. And because she wants to make a big impression her first time out, she made it a topless weed smoking photo. According to RadarOnline, photos of Tallulah “fully topless, mugging for the camera and toking on what appears to be a joint” are currently being “shopped around media outlets” by some unknown person (whose name is Tallulah Willis). Well played.

I can't say I'm surprised at this development, as Tallulah looks like she's thinking naughty, naughty thoughts in one hundred percent of the photos I've seen of her. That said, topless weed smoking is something I fully endorse doing in the (camera-free) privacy of one's own home. I dare you to tell me you don't have just a little more joie de vivre after trying it.

Photo: Marc Stamas/WENN.com