Ellen Features A Makeup Tutorial From Cancer Patient Talia Castellano On Her Show And Now I Love Them Both

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Talia Castellano makeup tutoria

There are some celebrities that seem really cool, but you get the feeling that they might not actually be so cool in real life. And then there are people like Ellen DeGeneres, who you can tell are really amazing people.

Pretty much everything that Ellen does makes me love her more. It's like magic. Who can forget that Kristen Bell sloth moment? That video is still the ultimate pick-me-up. Or her recent love letter birthday video for her wife Portia de Rossi. Both warmed my heart.

I also love that she does ads for CoverGirl. Most makeup campaigns feature really young, conventionally pretty starlets. So I think it's so great that they chose Ellen, who is a little bit older — yet still gorgeous in her own  unique way. (Although Revlon is currently giving them a run for their money with my other fave, Emma Stone.)

The latest thing that Ellen has done to make us adore her is to feature Talia Castellano in a segment on her show. Talia is an aspiring makeup artist who happens to be fighting cancer. She's an honorary CoverGirl and she did a makeup tutorial segment for Ellen's show. And the best part of the whole thing is that this girl's actually really good. She knows what she's talking about, and is also totally confident and at ease in front of the cameras. I think Talia Castellano is a star in the making. Or maybe a makeup artist to the stars. Or possible even both. Check out the video to see just how great she is! with makeup.

Idea: let's hire Talia to do makeovers on the Real Housewives of every city. I think they could all use some more subdued looks like this one.