This Movie Where Daniel Radcliffe Plays A Farting Corpse Actually Looks Good

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This Movie Where Daniel Radcliffe Plays a Farting Corpse Actually Looks Good Swiss Army Man gif

The first trailer for Swiss Army Man has been released. If you’re not sure what that is, you might be more familiar with the Internet’s description of it as that movie where Daniel Radcliffe plays a farting corpse. The movie caused people to walk out at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, but after watching the trailer, I’m thinking it looks pretty good. Yes, I do realize that just a couple of sentences ago I said that Daniel Radcliffe plays a farting corpse. But, just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a movie by its farting corpse.

The gist of the movie is that Paul Dano plays a guy stranded on an island. He’s about to kill himself when he sees a dead body wash up on shore. He proceeds to use this dead body as a multipurpose survival tool (hence “Swiss Army Man”), and they also become friends. So DanRad is the Wilson to Paul Dano’s Tom Hanks. Except instead of being a volleyball, he’s a corpse. So it’s kind of like Weekend at Bernie’s on a desert island. Okay, I don’t have anymore comparisons in me. Just watch the trailer and enjoy the weirdness.

I think the reason I’m looking forward to this movie is because it’s actually an original concept, which is sadly hard to find these days. After watching trailer after trailer for superhero sequels and movies where Liam Neeson has to save his family, it’s refreshing to watch one for a movie with a unique, albeit very eccentric, concept. And if it takes watching Daniel Radcliffe as a flatulent corpse to get that, then so be it. The movie’s out this summer, so get to work convincing your friends to see it with you.

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