15 Signs That You’re Definitely A Swiftie

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Taylor Swift 2013 Brit Awards London UK February 20 2013

There are a total of about two legit reasons for someone to actually not know who Taylor Swift is, one of which being that the person was born without eyes, ears, or an affinity for catchy lovelorn pop songs. Apart from her music and her laundry list of famous ex-boyfriends, she's known for her ginormous fan base —who cleverly call themselves Swifties. Even Urban Dictionary knows what the deal is.

Swiftie Definition Urban Dictionary


Like Fake Allie from the definition pointed out, it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to figure out if you are actually a Swiftie, a stalker, or just really enjoy swimming. That's why I'm answering the Bat Signal in the sky and coming to the rescue to help you through your journey of self-discovery. If you mentally check off everything on this list, then you can go ahead and scrawl song lyrics down your arm because you are, in fact, a stone cold Swiftie.

1. Any best friend of Taylor's (there are many) is a friend of yours, which means that they officially get removed from the Angrily-Worded E-mail list.

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Singing


2. You've figured out and memorized which guy every one of her songs is written about because, duh, that's important to know at all times.

Taylor Swift Kissing Taylor Lautner (via)

3. You don't think she's a bully for calling out her exes in her songs and humiliating them.

Taylor Swift Fierce


4. You openly love her music and don't shame-/hate-listen to her songs on your iPod, like the rest of the world does but won't admit to.

Taylor Swift Dancing(via)

5. Someone saying that you'll end up being a cat lady in the future is the furthest thing from an insult. After all, Tay Tay might be the ultimate cat lady and life is just fantastic for her.

Taylor Swift With Whiskers (via)

6. You remember poor little redheaded Abigail, who once cried with Taylor over boys but is now nowhere to be found.

Taylor Swift And Abigail Anderson Christmas


7. You've ever banded together with other fans to try to make an international retailer remove a vaguely offensive shirt from their shelves. And then they listened to you and did it.

Taylor Swift Shrugs At Awards Show


8. You, too, don't care for the Biebs. But, then again, neither does Drake Bell, so who knows for sure if this is just limited to Swifties?

Taylor Swift Sticking Tongue at Justin Bieber Selena Gomez


9. You just don't understand why every Rhode Islander isn't throwing a Taylor-themed parade every day because they get the distinct pleasure of living in the same state as her.

Taylor Swift Excited Raising Arms At Award Show


10. You know all about Haylorgate 2012, the scandal that rocked the Tumblr dashboards and Twitter trending topics like no other.

Taylor Swift Mocks Harry Styles


11. Ain't no party like a cheesily-photographed party cause a cheesily-photographed party don't stop.

Taylor Swift Balcony Friends 4th Of July


12. You don't think that calling Taylor a country music artist instead of a pop music artist (which is what she is) is ridiculous, even though she isn't actually from the South and doesn't make country music.

Taylor Swift Guitar Singing


13. It doesn't matter to you that she's, quite literally, always dancing, despite being astoundingly bad at it.

Taylor Swift Dancing Awkwardly



14. Is it weird that you got bangs and have recently started dressing like a nautical vintage china doll? No, absolutely not.

Taylor Swift I Don't Know


15. She can literally do no wrong. Like actually, literally. She is 100% always right.

Taylor Swift Sigh


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