SWAT Team Raids Brad Pitt’s World War Z Set

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Here's a story that starts out hilarious and gets ominous (but still bizarre) by the end: A SWAT team from Hungary's Anti-Terrorism Unit raided a warehouse belonging to World War Z, Brad Pitt‘s zombie movie currently shooting in Budapest.

At first it sounds like some wacky misunderstanding, and you can't help but envision a bunch of hardened SWAT guys standing there with prop guns going “Huh?” But here's the twist: The weapons they confiscated were all in working order. The paperwork they came with said that they were non-functional.

Thank God these guys got the memo that a plane had entered Budapest transporting weapons, right? Otherwise there could've been an accident while shooting one of the movie's many zombie-showdown sequences. The director and deputy director of the Anti-Terrorism Unit explained that this type of gun — they're described as “automatic, military-style assault rifles” — are highly illegal to transport even if their purpose was to be a prop.

So you've got the issue of someone on the studio's side not communicating about the guns being delivered, and the fact that real guns made their way to this movie set. Creepy, right?

But edging back to the bizarre, let's talk about Brad Pitt's reaction to the debacle, according to Us' source: “The film is already over budget and over schedule. Brad is furious.” That quote is probably taken out of context, but it just makes it sound like Brad wants to forget this gun debacle and get back to shooting.