Swagga Like Sean Penn: His Biggest Screwups

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Swagga Like Sean Penn  His Biggest Screwups SeanPenn 152x200 jpgDear Sean Penn,

You reportedly had words with ex-wife Robin Wright’s current squeeze, Hurt Locker producer Greg Shapiro, according to E! gossip Marc Malkin. Although your rep denies a controntation, Malkin cites sources as saying you had been banned from the post-Oscars Governor’s Ball.

What gives, Sean? Your talent is without doubt — we loved Milk and your directorial tour-de-force Into The Wild — but that is not enough to erase your personal history of sparking drama at inappropriate times. Clearly, you haven’t learned from your past behavior. Let’s list some, shall we?

We repeat this list as a reminder to channel your flair for dramz into what you do best: acting, directing and attempting to save the world.

Take care–and talk soon!