Susan Sarandon Answers Questions About Her Sex Life, Earns My Respect

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Susan Sarandon Answers Questions About Her Sex Life  Earns My Respect Susan Sarandon in the hot seat on the Wendy Williams Show April 2013 jpgIs there something in the Hollywood air this week? All the celebrities are being so chill and awesome! Diane Keaton got drunk with Ellen DeGeneres, Pink revealed that her daughter said “Fuckin’ hi” to her the other day, and Susan Sarandon sat in the hot seat on The Wendy Williams Show and made all our hopes and dreams come true by honestly answering questions about her sex life. I’m a huge nosy creeper, so my favorite thing is hearing about celebrities’ personal lives, and if I can hear it straight from the famous horse’s mouth, then all the better. And it’s been a while since I’ve seen a famous horse more inclined to let me into her life than Susan Sarandon is. (Also bear in mind that I mean no disrespect with the term ‘horse’. Horses are beautiful creatures and also it was left over from my adage earlier.) Susan did that thing on Wendy’s show called ‘The Hot Seat’, where she gets asked four questions of increasing awkwardness on a temperature scale. Take a looksie.

You can tell with the first question it’s gonna be good, because she winkingly admits to not wearing underwear on the red carpet, while still officially saying she does so that her kids don’t get embarrassed. As soon as I saw that I was like, “Aw yeah, Susan, you are so down for this hot seat, let’s get this going.” In the second and third questions we learned that Susan has dated guys both fifteen years older than herself, and thirty years younger, and that her daughter Ava Amurri was conceived on the Spanish Steps in Rome, which she says is the weirdest place she’s had sex.

And then and then and THEN Wendy asks her if she ever hooked up with Tim Robbins again after they ended their twenty-three year relationship…and it wasn’t even her answer so much as the way she answered it that I’m in love with. She’s like, “Do I look like someone who didn’t hook up again?” Haha I love it! I mean yeah, in my own personal life I’ve hooked up post-break-up with people I was only with for a few months, so duh she’s gonna do it with someone she was with for years. I just love how honest and open she was, and how amused by her own answers. It’s refreshing, like a tall glass of Jersey lemonade. Drink up.