16 Famous Stars You Didn’t Know Are Actually British

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Even though we know that actors just play characters on TV and in movies, watching them on-screen still makes us feel like we know the actors via their roles. When we see them off-set doing interviews as themselves, it can majorly throw us off. Often, it's the different clothes and hair that get us, other times it's the personalities. And sometimes, it's the accents.

Some of our favorite actors and actresses are born all over the world, but that doesn't mean they use their own accents in movies. Far from it. Sometimes, actors never use their own voices so when we hear them, we are very surprised. It's a natural thing that if we hear a person do a certain voice long enough, we assume it's theirs. Other times, an actor can have an accent that makes us think they're from somewhere when the truth is actually quite different. Here are 16 celebrities you probably didn't know are actually British. Cheerio!