Here’s A Super Duper Cute Photo Of Suri Cruise Slapping Katie Holmes Awake

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Suri Cruise Slaps Katie Holmes Awake Twitter PhotoAs much as I love getting woken up by the faux-chirps of my alarm clock each morning, I do something wish that there was an app that would  man-handle me awake. Like put its hands around me and just shake me until I scream mercy. Katie Holmes knows what I'm talking about. She recently uploaded a twitpic of two small hands slapping her with the caption, “My gentle wakeup call from some sweet dreams… #thegivermovie.” (Yeah, I know, we always forget she has Twitter.)

While she didn't name drop Suri Cruise as the suspect, I think we all recognize those hands. Okay, scratch that. It sounded creepy. I should've said that I think we can all make the leap in logic and assume that the two small hands on Katie Holmes' face belong to her daughter. Who else would have so much access to her when she was sleeping? Unless she just employs a set of small hands to wake up when she dozes off at the table. I've heard of celebrities doing stranger things. Like one time, I read somewhere, probably on CNN.blogspot.com or something, that Justin Bieber keeps an extra set of poop on set at all times in case his pants aren't sagging enough. So it's not the craziest thought that “awake me hand alarms” are included in her rider.

It also isn't crazy to assume that this is exactly how Suri Cruise treats her mother. And that's with love and respect and kindness. May all mothers one day get woken up in such a sweet way. Oh and happy early Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who are reading this!

(Photo: Twitter)