Suri Cruise Continues To Baffle Us With Her Coat Choices

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Just when we thought we mastered Suri Cruise‘s coat game, she changed all the rules on us. The pint-sized fashionista gained fame in the past few years for braving the winter winds without any kind of jacket. She walked boldly down streets with her summer shoes and her summer dresses while everyone else around her bundled up in mock turtlenecks and fleece-lined overalls. She was a hero, a mystery and a legend. After years of worrying about her health and wellness we just accepted that she would never wear a coat.

But then, yesterday, like a snowstorm in July she did the unthinkable. She put on a coat to go outside.

However (this is where things get confusing) it was 60-70 degrees out last night in NYC. I know, I was outside, not wearing a coat. So it begs the question, why of all nights, did Suri choose to wear a coat on this night?

Was it because she was shopping at Whole Foods and didn't want to recognized by her fans?

Is that Suri Cruise? Nah, she would never wear a coat. Especially in this weather.

Or did it have to do with the fact that Grandmother Holmes was in town and she wanted to be respectful to her midwestern values?

Suri Cruise nor her manager nor her American Girl dolls have been answering my calls, so we don't have answers yet. But as soon as I crack this coat code, I'll let you know.

God knows, I won't be able to sleep until I do.

(Photo: PopSugar)