What Does Your Favorite Suri Cruise Outfit Say About You? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Nothing Good)

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As I'm sure you're all aware, today is Suri Cruise‘s 6th birthday. Happy birthday, Suri!

If you're like Suri and me, every year when your birthday rolls around, you try on an outfit from your past, just to make sure you're keeping your figure. Usually Suri and I pick out something super fashionable from when we were toddlers, like our trendy faux-fur jackets or our sparkly polka-dot high heeled shoes (Ugh, you guys. My feet have gotten so fat.)

However. If you just found out that those flamenco dresses from when you were three no longer fit, then I recommend that you spend some precious internet minutes drowning your sorrows in Suri Cruise on her special day. Just bear in mind that as the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Suri is immediately better than you.

Choose your favorite look from our gallery and find out what it says about your personality! (Please. Please do this. I just got sucked into a tailspin of looking at pictures of this absurdly wealthy tiny human and I don't wanna be alone right now.)