20 Supernatural Characters We Wish Would Come Back From The Dead

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The CW

Every Supernatural fan knows that death isn’t always final. At least, not when it comes to the Winchester boys. Time and time again, Sam and Dean Winchester have cheated death. In Dean’s case, this even happened quite literally. But what would we do if Sam or Dean actually died? Sorry, I don’t want to put awful thoughts in your head! Clearly, the showrunners at The CW know that we need our boys.

So while Dean and Sammy never seem to stay dead, we do know that they’re not the only ones to be resurrected in the Supernatural world. Just look at our favorite fallen angel, Castiel. Mary Winchester managed to come back from the dead some 30 years after her death. There are so many characters fans would want to see back on the show, the good guys and some of the bad guys, just to spice things up.