The 20 Best Episodes of Supernatural in 13 Seasons

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Season 1, Episode 9

In this episode, Sam and Dean are forced to face their childhood home. As all Supernatural fans know, this house has the few good memories the boys have of their parents, but also the worst memory of their entire lives. In that house, Mary Winchester died trapped in the ceiling of Sam's nursery. But Sam begs Dean to go back to the house when he realizes there is a different woman trapped in the house. In going back to their hometown, Dean and Sam meet a physic that knows their father and they try to get information from the physic to see if Missouri Moseley has any idea where he may be. The most gripping part of the episode is when Missouri says goodbye to Dean and Sam, then turns to John Winchester in her sitting room. She drops the bombshell that Sam has powers and she is surprised that he didn't sense his own father in the house.