The 20 Best Episodes of Supernatural in 13 Seasons

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“Mystery Spot”

The CW

Season 3, Episode 11

Admit it, you've found yourself quoting this episode on a Tuesday. Your friends might not get it if they don't watch Supernatural, but it makes you laugh. At the time of viewing, this episode was tough to swallow. Sam watching Dean die over and over again is heartbreaking. Sam has to live with the fact that he will watch his brother die every day and he cannot save him, even though he knows the death is coming. This is all at the hands of the trickster archangel Gabriel (also known as Loki, duh). No one loves Gabriel at this point, but we learn to love him later on, many thanks to the fact that Dean stops dying. Gabriel was trying to show Sam that Dean will always be his weakness, as he is too concerned with his brother's safety to think rationally at times, but if thirteen seasons have proven anything, it is that while Sam and Dean are each other's weaknesses, they are also each other's strengths.