Here’s A Supercut Of MCA’s Opening Lines From Every Beastie Boys Song

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It's only been a few days since Adam “MCA” Yauch‘s sad, premature death from cancer, but the tributes are already rolling in fast and furious. This supercut of his opening lines from every Beastie Boys song is a particularly neat one.

On this newly assembled track, you can hear the Beastie Boys' evolution from hip-hop-obsessed punk rockers (or was it the other way around?) to seasoned musicians who took from jazz, funk and electronica without ever losing their bratty, youthful edge. And the slightly hoarse-voiced MCA had some great opening lines in there, including one of the group's most famous: “You missed two classes and no homework.” I challenge even the most casual of Beastie Boys fans not to get sad as his body of work approaches the end.

It's mildly terrifying to me that the life work of someone as influential as a Beastie Boy can be distilled into a six-minute Youtube track (and really, it can't–he obviously left behind a lot more than that), but it's a cool way to listen to a large collection of songs in a way that's not too overwhelming. It might also serve as a quick primer on the Beasties' various albums for someone who's just getting into them for the first time.

(Via Vulture)