Super Extra Jesse Heiman Is in ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’

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Last week I wrote about five unexpected cameos in the new Transformers movie, but I saved the best one for when I had proof to back it up. Do you remember Jesse Heiman, Hollywood's go-to extra for background shots and bit parts in projects like Glee, Arrested Development, Old School, and The Social Network? Imagine my delight when, watching Shia LaBeouf‘s terrifying job interview with John Malkovich, I noticed Jesse walk by!

This was the best shot I could get off an online stream of the movie, but the details are there: The red hair, the round face, the way he glances at the camera as if daring you to recognize him. What I also learned from this search was that Jesse has a Twitter, and I wasn't the first person to locate him:

Although his IMDb page hasn't yet been updated with this appearance, the Internet says that he's credited as Mail Room Worker. Interestingly, he doesn't pop up for the rest of the movie, even though Shia's character gets relegated to the mail room until the Decepticons invade the building. What we would've loved was to see Jesse strap on a rifle to fight the robots in the climactic battle of Chicago.