What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You (Besides Everything)

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There’s nothing more stressful in the entire world for a TV fan than Sunday night. Every single good show in the entire world airs within a three hour time span. While it’s unclear how Sunday night turned into the Regina George of the TV schedule, it is clear that there’s no going back now. Every time a promising new show airs, it will air on Sunday night. That’s just the world we live in now. Therefore everyone with a pulse spends their Sundays curled up on the couch trying to figure out how to fit it all in. Thankfully DVRs do all the heavy lifting, but what you choose to watch live and what you choose to DVR determines everything about you. So check out the below and figure out where you fall.

1. Showtime What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  Homeland Claire Danes Terrorist gif


If you choose shows like Homeland, Masters of Sex, Dexter and Shameless on Sunday night, you’re no doubt an intense person. You don’t mess around when it comes to topics like terrorism, sex, murder and family dysfunction. If there’s terrorism, there better be explosions. If there’s sex, there better be full nudity. If there’s murder, there better be a serial killer involved. And if there’s family dysfunction, it better involve an alcoholic father with several messed-up children. One time you laughed when watching a network comedy, but it was on accident and you’ve asked your friends never to bring it up again.


What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Stay Out gif


You are cutting edge. In fact you’re so cutting edge that you might be a pair of scissors. And even though shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men are coming to an end (or have, already, wahhhh), you’re prepared to keep cutting that edge by spending the rest of your life talking about how they’re the greatest shows on TV. Even if no one’s questioning you, you will argue that to your last breath. One time someone at work spoiled the an episode for you, so you got him fired.

3. Lifetime

What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  Drop Dead Diva Beauty Queen gif


If you opt for shows like Drop Dead Diva and Witches of East End, you’re into secrets. More specifically, your own. Sure your co-workers think you spend your weekends raising cats and writing statuses about your paleo diet, but you’re really a burlesque dancer with a jealous ex-lover who’s murdered before AND WILL MURDER AGAIN. One time you spent all weekend watching Dance Moms, but you blamed your MIA-ness on having to work alllll weekend.

4. TLC What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  Long Island Medium No gif


If shows like Breaking AmishSister Wives and Long Island Psychic get you going, then you’re insane. The fun kind of insane though! You’re the girl who all your friends say is “unpredictable” and “possibly an alcoholic” and “maybe chemically unbalanced.” Or you’re a sister wife who found your Amish roots while speaking to a psychic and this line-up, for obvious reasons, really appeals to you. One time someone at work asked you why you’re drinking at 10 A.M, you said “it’s five-o-clock somewhere,” and that person said, “but not here….so, put it away.”

5. A Network  What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  Revenge Weaknesses gif


If you’re into standard network fare like The Good Wife and Revengeyou’re a clothes ironer. As in you believe in ironing your clothes. You also limit yourself when you’re getting toppings on your self-serve fro-yo and you always order the same omelette at brunch, no matter where you are. You’re not boring, you just like routine and straight lines and knowing what you’re about to get. And what you’re about to get is usually a little bit of lite crime and intrigue. One time you forgot you work lunch at home and you’re still working on forgiving yourself for that.

6. HBO What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  Girls Lena Dunham Hang Out gif


Hello trendmonster! Because you watch Girls and Veep and The Newsroom and Game of Thrones, I know you’re always on top of your game. You’re also always on top of talking about how paying extra for HBO each month is soooo worth it. One time you referenced Girls at work unironically. You’re still trying to live that down.


What Your Sunday Night TV Choices Say About You  Besides Everything  KUWTK Kim Kardashian Stop Taking Pictures of Yourself gif


If your Sunday nights involve shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, odds are high that you’re a hamster. A very smart hamster! But a hamster nonetheless. One time you forgot where the wheel was in your cage, but then you reassured yourself that could happen to any hamster.