Sunday Cute: Puppy Conan Adorably Keeps The Puppy TV Trend Alive

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Whatever your feelings are about football and how compelling the Super Bowl was this year, you'd have to admit the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl was the more adorable option. Quarterbacks aren't nearly as furry or doe-eyed as baby golden retrievers. Always ready to be part of a new trend, Conan ‘O Brien introduced a puppy version of his talk show this past Wednesday, complete with a tiny dog in a tiny red wig. While cute, it seems like a slightly dangerous career move. Human Conan will now always be judged against his superior canine counter-part.

Let's not stop at football games and late night talk shows, there are a lot of hours on TV that could be improved with tiny paws and tails. Puppy C-SPAN! Puppy infomercials! Puppy The View! Remember TV executives, if you include puppies, they will come.