10 Promising New TV Shows To Get Excited About This Summer

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Halt and Catch Fire Lee Pace 2014

I don't want to alarm you, but we're already well into Spring. I realized this the other day when people gave me funny looks about my favorite Christmas sweater. Because the entertainment world likes to start Summer way back in May, we already have a whole new season of television shows to look forward to.

Instead of flipping through the guide every night trying to figure out what to watch, it's better to just narrow things down and determine which new series look the best. And lucky for you, we've gotten that process started for you by choosing ten buzzed-about, promising new shows. They're premiering throughout the season on everything from national networks to basic cable to premium cable, and in various genres. So go forth, watch trailers, and start marking your calendars.

1. I Wanna Marry Harry (May 20 on FOX)

Okay, so when I say this looks “promising” I actually just mean it promises to make you laugh your ass off at people's stupidity. And what else is reality TV for, really? If you're still not familiar with this show, it's about a bunch of American women competing to for the affections of “Prince Harry.” Except it's not Prince Harry; it's just some guy who looks like him. But they can't figure that out. Magic.

2. Crossbones (May 30 on NBC)

Do you like pirates? Of course you like pirates. And when you combine a pirate show with Hollywood's weird uncle John Malkovich playing Blackbeard, how can you go wrong? Seriously, though, can we talk about how creepy John Malkovich is? It can't be emphasized enough.

3. Halt and Catch Fire (June 1 on AMC)

Both the '80s and computer dramas seem to be having a moment lately, so this show is right on trend. Plus, it stars Lee Pace, which is always a good thing. And it's on AMC, home of totally awesome well-written TV shows with incredible production value. P.S. You can watch the first episode now on Tumblr and AMC.com.

4. Almost Royal (June 21 on BBC America)

This season TV seems to be all about fooling Americans with fake British aristocrats, because that also happens to be the premise of this new show. If you're into watching Americans look dumb at the hands of Brits, this is the Summer for you!

5. Girl Meets World (June 27 on Disney Channel)

We've already said time and time again that we don't think this show will live up to the expectations of the people who watched Boy Meets World as a kid, but aren't you a little curious to at least watch the first episode? If only to continue to wonder what happened to Ben Savage's nose? (Really, what happened there?)

6. The Leftovers (June 29 on HBO)

This show looks intense. Just a warning that the trailer above is NSFW. This is HBO, after all. The premise of the series is that a rapture causes 2% of the world's population to disappear, and the “leftovers,” the ones who were left behind, deal with some serious issues. It also answers the age-old question, “What the hell is Justin Theroux in?”

7. The Strain (July on FX)

If you've watched FX recently, you've probably caught at least one of the very creepy teasers the network is airing for this vampire show from Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novels. I'm already scared.

8. Extant (July 9 on CBS)

This one is a bit like Rosemary's Baby if the baby were an alien. Halle Berry is an astronaut who returns pregnant from a solo mission… so how'd that happen? Oh, and she also has a son who's an AI. It might sound ridiculous, but the trailer makes it look pretty darn cool.

9. Welcome to Sweden (July 10 on NBC)

We've been looking forward to this show ever since it was first announced last year. It's from Greg and Amy Poehler, and it's about an accountant who falls in love with a Swedish girl and… moves to Sweden, hence the title. Plus, appearances from Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza!

10. Legends (August 13 on TNT)

TNT knows drama, and so does Sean Bean, so this is a match made in heaven. It's got a Bourne Identity feel to it, but hopefully it'll be different enough to be interesting. The trailer includes a car chase and an explosion, so how can you go wrong?

(Photo: AMC, via NPR)