17 Summer Music Tours Everyone Will Be Talking About This Year

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1. Lady Gaga


If you watched the Super Bowl then there’s probably no persuasion needed to buy tickets to her concert this year. She’s taking the tour to some pretty iconic venues like Fenway Park and Wrigley Field, which makes it so much cooler. 

8/1 Vancouver, BC
8/3 Edmonton, AB
8/5 Tacoma, WA
8/8 Inglewood, CA
8/9 Inglewood, CA
8/11 Las Vegas, NV
8/13 San Francisco, CA
8/15 Sacramento, CA
8/18 Omaha, NE
8/21 Saint Paul, MN
8/21 Cleveland, OH
8/25 Chicago, IL
8/28 New York, NY
8/29 New York, NY
9/1 Boston, MA
9/2 Boston, MA
9/4 Montreal, QC
9/6 Toronto, ON
9/7 Toronto, ON
9/10 Philadelphia, PA
9/11 Philadelphia, PA