17 Summer Music Tours Everyone Will Be Talking About This Year

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Nothing screams summer more than road tripping to your favorite artist's gig with your best friend sitting in the passenger seat. Lucky for all of us, our fave artists are taking their most recent albums on the road all across the country to share the live music with fans. Not gonna lie, I’m still pretty bummed Taylor Swift didn’t stick with her “tour-every-other-year” schedule as it's put a bit of a wrench in my summer sched, but there are plenty of other artists lining up to fill her space, including pop icons like Ed Sheeran and iconic country stars. After seeing who's scheduled to go city-to-city this summer, your calendar is going to be full and your bank account is gonna be empty (sorry, not sorry!).

Here are 17 tours that you should totally splurge and buy tickets for ASAP: