14 Summer Blockbusters Worth The Cost Of A Movie Ticket

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Summer is coming, which means the movies are about to get bigger, more explosive…and a whole lot cheesier, if memory serves. Some are surprisingly amazing, some are underwhelming, and some are just flat-out flops. And they're really hard to tell from the outside!

…but we're gonna try. Instead of making you wade through all the crap to find the amazing blockbuster gems, we've put together a list of all the movies we're guessing could be worth your time this season. We could be wrong (although it'd be the first time), but we're trained professionals, and we only want good things for you and that $13 in your wallet.

You have a ton of options at your disposal in this list, so take a look and tell us what you think!

1. God's Pocket

Release Date: May 9th
I know it's pretty early to be counted as a ‘summer movie', but it's going on the list because it stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as a working class man whose stepson is killed in an ‘accident'. Let's just be honest — none of us can afford to miss any more opportunities to see his movies in theaters.

2. Godzilla

Release Date: May 16th
I was pretty skeptical when I first started hearing about this reboot, but the trailer actually seems amazing, and it's exactly the kind of high-octane action movie that you want to wait in line for at midnight the night before. Oh and plus, it's starring Bryan CranstonJuliette BinocheElizabeth OlsenSally HawkinsKen Watanabe, and a ton more awesome people just as counter-intuitive together.

3. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Release Date: May 23rd
There are too many stars in this one to even name, and there have already been enough films in the franchise to convince you to go see it, so just admit that you'll be in attendance, okay? It'll make it easier on all of us.

4. The Normal Heart

Release Date: May 25th
If my experience seeing this show on Broadway is any indication, prepare yourself to weep all the way through this movie like a little baby. It's the true story of the first documented cases of HIV in the 1980s, and one gay activist, Larry Kramer's attempts to draw attention to the growing crisis. Plus it's premiering on HBO, so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home theater. Or just your laptop, in case you're poor like me.

5. Maleficent

Release Date: May 30th
Say what you will about Disney, but they know how to put together a blockbuster, and Angelina Jolie was a perfect, bewitchingly evil choice to play the title role in this retelling of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty from the wicked queen's point-of-view. And it's only rated PG, so you can bring the whole family! Here's hoping Elle Fanning‘s British accent isn't too distracting.

6. The Fault In Our Stars

Release Date: June 6th
I'm always interested to see how movies based on books turn out, and I have really good feelings about this one, about two teenagers diagnosed with cancer who fall in love, and the obstacles they encounter in their relationship. Basically it's Shailene Woodley‘s chance to prove that her career has as much (or more!) staying power as Jennifer Lawrence‘s does right now.

7. Obvious Child

Release Date: June 6th
Obviously this movie doesn't have as much buzz as the one I just talked about, which comes out on the same day, but guys! It looks so amazing! It stars Jenny Slate as a woman who gets dumped, fired, and pregnant right before the ‘worst / best Valentine's Day of her life'. Also starring Jake Lacy, that guy Pete from The Office who you always thought was attractive in a way you couldn't quite put your finger on. Just me? Okay.

8. They Came Together

Release Date: June 27th
A romcom starring Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd AS A COUPLE? That is literally all I need to hear, I don't even care if it's garbage.

9. Snowpiercer

Release Date: June 27th
It's a semi-cheesy sounding sci-fi movie about a failed global warming experiment that killed everybody off except those who were aboard the train The Snowpiercer…but if you can't watch that sort of thing during the summer, when can you watch it? And it has great big names like Tilda Swinton (she makes weird choices, but she never makes bad choices), Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, and Ed Harris, so if it's gonna be bad, at least they're going for it.

10. Tammy

Release Date: July 2nd
Ugh you guys this one looks soooo not great and soooo similar to Identity Thief…but I love me some Melissa McCarthy and I didn't think The Heat looked good based on the trailers either, so I'm gonna go ahead and give this one the benefit of the doubt. As if by putting it on this list I can will it into being good.

11. Begin Again

Release Date: July 4th
In case Tammy wasn't good like I'm hoping against hope it is, wash the bad taste out of your mouth with some Mark Ruffalo goodness. He stars with Keira Knightley and Hailee Steinfeld in this movie about a jaded music executive who bonds with an artist new to New York City.

12. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Release Date: August 1st
This is technically one of those big-budget superhero movies that's so hit or miss these days, but I think its saving grace is gonna be that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It seems super irreverent so far, with a really great cast. And even if that doesn't prove to be the case, just spend the whole time ogling Chris Pratt‘s impossibly sculpted abs.

13. The Giver

Release Date: (no pun intended) August 15th
Another of the books from my childhood that's near and dear to my heart. I was nervous about it briefly when Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes were cast, but it seems like Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges should be more than enough to cancel out any weirdness on their part. And of course there's Brenton Thwaites, who everyone's expecting to become huge with this movie.


14. A Most Wanted Man

Release Date: September 5th
More Philip Seymour Hoffman, except this time he's joined by Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright, two ladies I'm big fans of who we see entirely too little. And it's a dark spy thriller about the international war on terror, which sounds like an incredibly interesting movie to end the summer with.