Crushable’s Guide To Finding The Right Summer Movie For Your Mood

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The Bling Ring Emma Watson 2013

Summer is almost here, and since most of the good TV shows go on hiatus in the summer, what else are you going to do but see movies? Summer movie season can be daunting, but lucky for you Crushable is here to help you plan out your viewing according to mood. Because sometimes you’re in the mood for a guilty pleasure, and other times you want to walk out of the theater feeling like a smartypants.

Of course we can’t suggest a movie for every mood you might have. For instance, if you’re in the mood to watch an otter befriend a circus clown and save the world from an alien invasion, I’m sorry to say we can’t recommend anything for you. But you should call up Hollywood and tell them to get on it, because that movie sounds awesome.

So without further ado, click over to the next page and start exploring our 2013 Summer Movie Guide.

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