The 7 Most Shocking Celebrity Stories Of The Summer (In Case You Forgot)

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William and Kate royal baby July 2013I don't care where you work or what you do, summers can be painfully slow.  Work is slow, news is slow, and everything seems to move at a glacial pace (thank you, Miranda Priestly).  Well, allow me to jog your otherwise tortoise-like memory and remind you that this summer brought us some of the most shocking celebrity news stories of the year!

Paula Deen crying on Today show for racism charges June 2013

Holy cannoli, Paula Deen is a racist?!
Even an entire tub (and I do mean bathtub) of the world's freshest and fattest butter couldn't sweeten this story up.  Early this summer, jaws dropped collectively 'round the world as we learned Paula Deen admitted that accusations of her regular use of the n-word were, in fact, accurate.  We also learned that even $17 million dollars a year can't buy you good counsel.  As a result, Deen lost her job at the Food Network and pretty much all of her sponsorships in record time.  Though the summer wasn't a total bust for her — her accuser and former restaurant manager, Lisa Jackson, ended up losing her court battle against Deen.

James Gandolfini tragically passed away while visiting Italy.
While visiting Italy with his young son to attend the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily, James Gandolfini, best known for his title role on The Sopranos, tragically and suddenly passed away of an alleged heart attack.  Making this story even more heartbreaking is the fact that his thirteen-year-old son, Michael, found him in the bathroom of their hotel room.  James is also survived by his wife and infant daughter. His long list of accomplishments in television, film, and theater will always be remembered.

James Gandolfini Michael Gandolfini 2007(via)

Kim Kardashian gave birth early and made us all feel like we suffered along with her.
Kim Kardashian gave birth a few weeks early, catching us all by surprise because we thought for sure her pregnancy would last as long as Jessica Simpson's gestation since everyone couldn't stop talking about it.  After almost nine months of complaining, health scares, Instagrammed swollen feet and the worst maternity fashion choices I've ever seen, North West arrived in mid-June amidst lots of secrecy and pomp and circumstance and blah blah blah.  Because Kim and Kanye hate attentions so much, they dragged out every major milestone so far involving this poor child.  We didn't even get a glimpse of her adorable (if slightly terrified) face until two weeks ago!

North West first photo kris show

Glee's Cory Monteith died suddenly as a result of his drug addiction.
Personally for me, this was the saddest and craziest story of the summer. I woke up to the news when I was working that Saturday, and it's kind of stayed with me ever since.  It's sad when anyone dies suddenly, and it's even weirder when it's someone famous.  But when it's someone so young, with so much promise, who tried so hard to get clean and stay clean… the tragic aspect of it increases tenfold.  I have major respect for Lea Michele, Ryan Murphy, and the rest of the Glee cast for being able to pull through it together and move on to tell Finn/Cory's story in the upcoming season.

Lea Michele GIF Teen Choice Awards 2013(via)

The royal baby finally arrived! 
Prince George made an appropriate and understated arrival (cough, cough, Kimye) and the only people making a big deal of it were the talking heads on television and the people lining the streets.  Kate and William left the hospital the very next day, graciously giving the media a glimpse of their new son, staying in control the entire time.  William even handled the carseat himself and drove the new family home!

Kate and William royal baby July 2013(via)

Lindsay Lohan actually stayed in rehab all summer.
After switching facilities more than once and just being her typical self, I have to admit we here at Crushable never thought we'd see the day when Lindsay Lohan stayed in rehab longer than five minutes, let alone most of the summer. We might have even had a little inter-office pool going, placing bets on her recovery (or lack thereof).  So sue us. Life post-rehab has been good to Lohan, it seems.  She did a guest-hosting stint on Chelsea Lately and even has a series on OWN lined up.  Let's see if this works out… I'm trying to remain hopeful, but I won't be holding my breath.

Lindsay Lohan on Oprah's Next Chapter 2013


Amanda Bynes was finally hospitalized and is currently receiving the care she needs.
After what seemed like months and months and months of asking ourselves, “Is this going to be what finally gets her parents' and/or a medical professional's attention?”  Amanda Bynes became involuntarily hospitalized after setting fire to a random person's driveway back in July.  This was just the last in a long string of self-destructive acts brought on by what seemed like severe mental illness.  It stopped being a sideshow act long before she actually received help, and we can only hope the doctors and medication are helping Amanda become healthy again.

Amanda Bynes attending MTV Movie Awards June 2011 (via)

I think it was simply perfect timing that the summer was officially capped off with the casting decisions for Fifty Shades Of Grey.  Now if only everyone would stop being so outraged with the actors chosen for the roles and directed their outrage at the awful, beyond-cringe-worthy novel itself, I'd feel better about the summer ending.

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