Ryan Murphy Says Glee’s Sue Sylvester Will Start A Family Soon

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An ONTD poster got to attend the taping of Inside the Actors Studio featuring Ryan Murphy and the entire Glee cast, and he was kind enough to post some photos and tidbits about the episode, which is set to air in January. There's not too much news in it; some of the topics he mentions have been covered in the media before, from the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute episode to the fact that Chris Colfer originally auditioned to play Artie.

But here's one tidbit that hasn't been reported much yet: Ryan revealed that Jane Lynch‘s character Sue Sylvester “is going to have a kid soon,” according to the poster's notes. This plot development is corroborated by E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos, who included it in her spoiler round-up on Monday:

Our rock-solid Glee source tells us that someone on the show will be catching baby fever! No, it's not some weird disease where you regress to infantile tendencies. The PTB at Glee are tinkering with a storyline involving Sue Sylvester's desire to start a family. It's not a sure thing yet, but wow…we sure hope it happens. We already love the idea of Sue (Jane Lynch) hankering for a kid. Maybe this storyline will involve football recruiter, Johnny (Eric Bruskotter)?

I have to agree with Film Thrasher that while do-gooder Sue can give her character nuance, a baby plot runs the risk of turning her into a softie. Consider when we found out in season 1 about Sue's sister having Down Syndrome and Sue resolutely telling the kids that Jean Sylvester was “handicapable.” That was a powerful moment for her because it channeled Sue's need to win into worrying about how Jean would make her way in the world.

But a baby for the sake of having one — in fact, I half-expect a joke about adopting Ethiopian orphans — seems as shallow as the election plotline. (Which I haven't seen, but which seemed to come out of nowhere.) Regardless, it won't happen for a while longer; and when the episode airs in January, we'll get more details.

Here's a photo from the taping; you can see James Lipton opposite Matthew Morrison, Jane, Lea Michele, Chris, Cory Monteith, and others.