TV Shows Your Fav Stranger Things Actors Appeared On First

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Stranger Things is the “it” show of the moment. It was when season one came out and season two proved to be just as epic. Ever since the OG eight episodes dropped on Netflix in 2016, the world has been completely obsessed. And with great reason! The child actors on the show put some adults who’ve been in the business to shame with their raw talent. Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) became everyone’s favorite girl and go-to Halloween inspo after the first season. Once season two dropped in October 2017, everyone got a taste for how talented Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) is as well.

But before these kids were dealing with the Upside Down and the monsters that live inside, they were just getting started. While some of the adults on the show are seasoned veterans (we’re looking at you, Winona Ryder), Stranger Things put everyone back on the map. Did you know that Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) was on a CW show only a year before Stranger Things hit the scene? He's not the only one creepin' in the background of your favorite TV shows though…