16 Stranger Things Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

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2. Plants Have Powers


Are we supposed to ignore the fact that these creatures obviously look like plants? So this theory is kind of a two-parter and part one suggests that plants and nature might actually have telekinetic powers — which is not only a Stranger Things theory but just a world one. Yes, people in real life believe that plants have nervous systems and communicate with one another telepathically. We don't have time to dive into the ins and outs of that one, so we'll just take eatyourveggies11 for their word right now. The second part is that with this plant theory as a basis, the Demogorgon, who can communicate with was a consequence of those evil scientists “splicing plant genes into human DNA,” which would explain why the monster in season one had the face of a plant with a human-esque body and, if the scientists were doing this during their experiments with Eleven's mother — why El is connected to the plant-human-monster hybrid and why she has telepathic abilities as well.