16 Stranger Things Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

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In recent years there hasn’t been a show quite like Stranger Things. A total homage to the best the ‘80s had to offer, this Netflix series turned us all into obsessed superfans.

We binged like there was no tomorrow because it was that freaking good (and we didn't want to risk any spoilers)! It was pretty much impossible to finish a single episode of Stranger Things without some crazy theory about what was going to happen or just the show in general. Well, before Stranger Things 2 begins, we're going to give you a whole new crop of theories to blow your frickin' mind. For right now, here are the best Stranger Things theories the internet has to offer and let's just say they're giving us A LOT to think about. BRB — going to go watch the whole first season right now!

1. Will is Basically Eleven


No, they are not one in the same but Arjap911 feels that Will's mom, Joyce, could've also been part of those experiments just like we know Eleven's was. This would explain why Joyce was a little over-the-top at times and Will and Eleven are around the same age, meaning that MK Ultra was around when they were both concieved — and Will would have some telekenetic powers just like El does if his mom was part of the experiments.

While we didn't see any blatant examples of Will's power — there's obviously something special about him. I mean, Will was able to communicate with his mother from the Upside Down using those string lights — something we didn't see with any other characters. Could this mean he's telekinetic? It certainly points that way but only time will tell!