20 Celebrity Parents Who Named Their Kids the Most ~Unique~ Names

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Comedy Central

Parents want their child to be named something unique and beautiful, which is why most mothers and fathers start searching for the perfect name months before their child even arrives. However, celebrities take the whole name searching process to the next level, and instead of choosing something pretty, they often choose something completely kooky. The only good thing about some celebrity baby names is that no two are alike, and when you’re naming your child Petal Blossom Rainbow or Rocket Zot, well, that’s probably a good thing.

Of course, the other side of things is that unfortunately, having an atypical name and celebrity parents definitely makes you stand out in a crowd. And for schoolkids who want nothing more than to be “normal,” this poses some problems. Below are 20 really interesting celebrity baby names, and it’s lucky that these kids have famous and powerful parents, because otherwise, they may have been the butt of the playground joke.