Straight Guys (And A Lesbian) Tell Us If They Find Lady Gaga Attractive

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Yesterday, I spent a bit of time pondering the sex appeal of Lady Gaga. Despite her being a thin blonde chick in leotards, I've pretty much never heard her discussed as a sex symbol, and most of her fans seem to be gay men and straight women. I'm admittedly 99% straight, but I think she's got a decent amount of hotness goin' on, what with her slanted take on gender, her hot little body, and her intense, feral, “I'm a monster…no, I'm a motorcycle! Ride me! Grr!” schtick. Plus, I think her face is pretty in a character-laden, New York theater chick sort of way. (Does that sound mean? I don't mean it to be!) In an effort to see if anyone wants to strip off her weird clothes and bone her, I asked people who are attracted to women if they think Lady Gaga is hot. Some of the answers were surprising; most were not. I'm starting to think I'm as bad as straight guys at assessing the attractiveness of people of my own gender.

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