Stevo-O and Elisabetta Canalis Are Dating

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Stop your office pools, collect twenty dollars from your sister, it's official: Jackass star Steve-O and Eilsabetta Canalis are dating. Or at least kissing in broad daylight in a public place, which celebrities tend to avoid if they're not in a relationship.

Elisabetta's last boyfriend was George Clooney, an Oscar nominated actor who found fame on a celebrated TV drama. Steve-O is a TV star who's famous for stapling his scrotum to his leg. Any of Elisabetta's friends who don't take to Steve-O should have no trouble writing up a pro-con list in their favor.

The photo that outed them is almost as awkward as the pair themselves. I know a still shot sometimes distorts movement, catching you at the moment before a sneeze or in the unattractive middle of a laugh, but I'm not sure that can account for this kiss. While Elizabeth is tipped back like a romance movie heroine about to receive the soft lips of her prince charming, Steve-O seems to be sucking on her like a sour lollipop. I guess you just can't account for attraction.