Video: The First Trailer For Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Is Here And It Is Crazy Majestic

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When last we checked in with Daniel Day Lewis, he was blowing all other movie Lincolns out of the water with his uncanny ability to look just like the version of Abe Lincoln you see every day on pennies. Now there's a full trailer out for the movie, and it is similarly bad ass.

The film focuses on the Civil War and the final years of Lincoln's presidency, which are obviously ripe grounds for dramatization. The trailer wastes no time in bringing the gravitas, with Lincoln's famed Gettysburg Address played as a voiceover for gruesome battle scenes. We see snatches of Hal Holbrook as cabinet member Francis Preston Blair,  David Strathairn as Secretary of State William SewardSally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, and even a glimpse of the slaves Lincoln fought to free, but all eyes are obviously on Mr. Day Lewis. Whether he's brooding quietly on his own or delivering an impassioned speech to his cabinet, he's obviously going for the Oscar gold here.

It's a little bit weird we haven't had a modern, big budget Lincoln biopic until now, considering the role he played in our nation's history, etc., but soon enough, little boys and girls all over this great land will be able to watch this highly entertaining movie instead of doing their history homework. God bless America.

(Via Gawker)