These Steve Martin And Christopher Walken Videos Remind Us That Funny Old Men Are The Best

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I've always been a sucker for a good old man joke. Even when they aren't actually very funny, something about a cheesy, roguish, jokey old man (or lady!) just melts my heart. So when they are funny, it melts my heart even more.

Professionally funny old men Steve Martin and Christopher Walken have both just come out with videos that do this very well. You know you're not getting any more work done this Friday afternoon, so how about watching some funny old man videos while you wait until it's an acceptable time to skedaddle?

The first video (above) is actually an endorsement/advertisement for politician Bob Kerrey, a sometime governor of Nebraska and senator who is running for senate once again. But just talking about Kerrey's accomplishments would be boring, so Steve Martin shows us “how to make a wad of paper” while someone holds up placards singing Kerrey's praises. It's good, clean, fun, and calls back to the cheery absurdist humor Martin excelled at during his SNL days.

This next video is called “Cooking With Christopher Walken” and contains some random '80s music video babes and Law and Order‘s Richard Belzer. Enough said.

(Via Buzzfeed, Funny Or Die)