This Steve Martin Late Night Clip Will Make You Smile, That’s Just A Scientific Fact

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steve martin late night jimmy fallon

Last night Steve Martin came on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon presumably to promote his new music album, “Love Has Come For You.” However I never even got to see the promotional part of the evening because I was so amazed by his three-minute long entrance.

I know, I know. I can hear you sighing at the mere thought of paying attention to something for three whole minutes. But bear with me here, because this little clip's definitely worth it. And it doesn't even it have dialogue  Before you throw your computer out the window at the preposterous idea of me making you watch a dialouge-free three-minute long clip, rest assured that it is in color.

Without spoiling it for you, I'll just say that it's an epic late night show entrance full of surprise appearances that will have you nursing a pretty big dad-crush on ole Steve Martin. You know what a dad crush is right? It's that thing where you want someone to adopt you. It's like how I have an older sister crush on Amy Poehler and a wacky aunt crush on Ellen DeGeneres. Tell you what, if you didn't want Steve Martin to be your dad before watching this, you'll definitely be mailing him ties this Father's Day.

I seriously somehow always forget how much I love Steve Martin. Which is weird because I never forget to watch Father of the Bride when it's playing on TV. The original and the sequel. Every single time it's playing, I get sucked back into the Banks family as well as Diane Keaton's signature '90s bangs. (Sidenote: do Diane Keaton's vintage bangs have a parody Twitter account yet or should I get my intern on that today? Lemme know.)

Before you think I'm getting overzealous about this video, watch it right there and tell me that you're not obsessed with it.