Arrested Development Fans Team Up With The Internet To Save Steve Holt!

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Television's favorite canceled show Arrested Development returns for a fourth season and a full-length movie at some vague date in the vague future. While everyone focused for years on making sure that Michael Cera, famous for playing some variation of George Michael Bluth, in every single movie, signed onto the film, they forgot about a pretty important minor character.

Steve Holt!

The undefeated student body president at Maeby‘s and George Michael's high school who turned out to be Gob‘s illegitimate son (and therefore the 3rd Bluth grandchild). Of course that was after Maeby and her mother Lindsay tried to hook up with him. Well you know what they say, family first.

Shockingly Justin Grant Wade, the actor who played Steve Holt!, hasn't been asked back yet to film the show or the movie. Turns out he's just as sensitive as his character Steve Holt! and took the rejection pretty hard. But rather than crying his nights away with a faint memory of his Arrested Development family, he teamed up with the Internet and started a Save Steve Holt! website, Twitter, Facebook page and hashtag, #SaveSteveHolt.

The Internet knows exactly how to save someone and it involves reaching out on no less than four platforms. If they're really serious, they'll probably add the fifth platform — mailing severed hands to Ron Howard.

While we're not about to cut our hands off (then how would we type!?), we're pretty serious about saving Steve Holt. So quit messing around with whatever you're doing and join in on this very important campaign.