Steve Carell To Play A Crazy Murderer

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Steve Carell To Play A Crazy Murderer steve carrell jpg

When Steve Carell walked away from The Office to pursue other acting opportunities, a lot of people thought he was crazy. And maybe he is! I mean, look at those eyes. A person could drown in them. Who knows what’s lurking behind those watery brown wonders?

Well, now he’s putting all that crazy to good use in a movie about a wealthy murderer called Foxcatcher that is based on a true story. The next project of Moneyball director Bennett Miller, the film tells the story of du Pont scion John du Pont, a paranoid schizophrenic who ended up killing his friend, Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler David Schultz. (The real du Pont died last year in a Pennsylvania prison at age 72.)

Carell might seem like an odd choice for this film as he’s primarily known his his comedic skills, but Michael Scott’s character always had a good deal of pathos in addition to the larfs. He was, at base, a fundamentally lonely man with few friends whose primary joy in life came from messing around at the office. And don’t forget Carell’s great performance in Little Miss Sunshine as the title character’s suicidal uncle. I’m fully confident he can pull off the role of the eccentric rich guy with a screw loose. And I don’t think anyone is really over his abandonment of Dunder-Mifflin yet, so this movie had better be fucking Osar-worthy.