Steve Carell Not Winning an Emmy Was the Biggest Upset of Last Night’s Awards

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Go on Tumblr during last night's Emmy Awards, and you'd see the site aflame with tearful and furious posts from Steve Carell‘s fans: He lost to Jim Parsons for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and since this was Steve's last year on The Office, that means he'll go home having never won an Emmy for his work as Michael Scott. (This was his sixth nomination in the same category.)

The thing is, these awards are for the 2010-2011 season, and The Office hasn't been good for the past few seasons. It's sputtering to an end; Steve's decision not to renew his contract was the first sign. The last season or two just haven't been the cast's best, despite their best intentions. It's not surprising that the show hasn't garnered too many nominations lately.

Of course, that doesn't stop fans from venting their disappointment and anger over social media. What's especially frustrating is that this is the second year in a row that Jim's won for The Big Bang Theory. And while it's one of the smartest shows on television, The Office (in its heyday) is probably a lot more relatable.

In a perfect world, Steve would receive some sort of Lifetime Achievement award acknowledging the six years he put into the show. Because he really did elevate it out of a bad copy of a British comedy. By making Michael utterly oblivious, he softened the asshole boss character that Ricky Gervais had developed just enough so that you'd feel sympathy at the right moments and never entirely loathe him.

Even in the beginning, it took us a while to warm to Michael and the very American aspect of his character: How fucking awkward he was. But Steve Carell pushed through and created a classic TV character.

Steve isn't on Twitter, so he couldn't respond to the snub, but last night his Office co-star Rainn Wilson tweeted on his behalf: