Should We Continue To Let Steve Carell Make Movies? The Editors Debate

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Michael Scott Cursing The Office


Even though we did not in any way okay the production and promotion of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, it's still premiering in theaters today. While we're usually very pro-magic at Crushable.com, we're not really feeling this film. Mostly because we think Steve Carell can do better than this movie. But that's as far as our “we” thinking got when we got to talking about this movie in the office. Jenni's pretty convinced that this movie's one giant sign that it's time to stop casting Steve Carell in movies. While Alexis still thinks that he has some kind of movie star career coming his way. So rather than keeping our conversation to ourselves, we thought it would only be fair to share it. Then let you weigh in via comments on who's right: Jenni or Alexis. And keep in mind, whoever loses this conversation gets fired. You hold our jobs in your hands.

Jenni: I'll kick this off right away with a big fat no. No, we should not let Steve Carell make movies. I made the unfortunate mistake of watching Dan in Real Life this past weekend and it's really bad. Which is a shame because I wanted him to do absolutely great things about he left The Office. You know, make his departure from the show that made him famous worthwhile.

Alexis: He will do great things! He's still finding himself! He was on The Office for, what? Six years, 140 episodes? That's accurate, I just looked that up. Stay off of IMDB.

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Jenni: Pray tell, when will he do these great things? His best movies are the first ones that he made when no one really knew him. Anchorman in 2004, 40 Year Old Virgin in 2005 and Little Miss Sunshine in 2006. It's only gone downhill since he left The Office to focus fulltime on his movie career. What did he make since leaving? Hmm, umm, oh Hope Springs. The only movie in the history of movies that makes me dislike Meryl Streep. Way to go Steve.

Alexis: I thought I told you to stay off IMDB! And also if you need help disliking Meryl Streep, then look no farther than Mamma Mia. But as far as Steve's movies, what about his voice work on Despicable Me? And his real person work on Crazy Stupid Love? That was from 2011, so people definitely knew him, and I know you're not gonna sit here and look me in the…computer screen and tell me you didn't like that movie. Bullhonkery.

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Jenni: One, I enjoyed Mamma Mia. I also enjoyed Les Mis. You know why? I'm tone deaf. You should try it. It makes watching movie musicals so much more enjoyable. I truly didn't understand the Russell Crowe hate. With the exception of that one GIF on Tumblr of Ryan Gosling topless, I've never seen Crazy, Stupid, Love. But I think you're lying to yourself if you're pretending that he did a good job in that movie. Because if he did such a good job (and I'm typing this with so much disdain), where are his shirtless GIFs? Oh right, no one cared about him in that movie.

Alexis: You take that back! I cared about him! He was the same character as in 40-Year Old Virgin except more intelligent and more likable! And he was like best friends with Ryan Gosling in that movie, so he's endorsed by charming smirks and shirtless GIFs alike. Plus I'm taking fifteen points from Ravenclaw for your endorsement of Mamma Mia.

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Jenni: So he made one good movie. Despicable Me doesn't count. I'm pretty sure Jessica Alba's allowed to make animated films, so let's not act like those count for any kind of acting credibility. The question at hand is should we let him make more movies? Or should we send him off to greener pastures and catch up with him in 20-30 years when he does some kind of Office reunion on a late night show.

Alexis: No! Let him do what he wants! He's like an aging golden retriever who's earned our gratitude due to years of loyal service being a complete and total genius on The Office. If all he can do for a little bit is fetch newspapers, then so be it.

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Jenni: That's a horrible analogy. Fetching newspapers is useful. How is starring in movies like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone in any way useful? I think if anything he's embarrassing himself at this point. Wouldn't you rather remember him as being a genius on The Office, instead of a mediocre actor in mediocre movies. And from what I hear about Burt Wonderstone, mediocre's putting it lightly.

Alexis: You leave Burt Wonderstone out of this! You haven't even seen it and I'm pretty sure there's a clause somewhere in our Constitution that says you can't reference a movie unless your eyes and brain have actually absorbed it. So you're pretty far out of order considering it's not even out yet.

Jenni: Alexis, I'm pretty sure that 90% of what we do on this here site violates the Constitution — as well as the unwritten rules about human decency  So don't even try to shame me with that. Just know that I refuse to endorse any Steve Carell movies from here on out.

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