First Look: Steve Carell Is A Magician In Burt Wonderstone

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We are all for comedy stars making drastic transformations for new roles. Sacha Baron Cohen recently debuted his new personality for The Dictator, and now Steve Carell is channeling Siegfried & Roy.

Would you look at that hair!

Honestly, were it not for the doofy grin, we wouldn't recognize the Crazy, Stupid, Love star in his new role: Playing the titular magician in Burt Wonderstone. Not to mention the shaved chest, a far cry from the famous hair-removal scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin years ago. The movie sounds pretty funny: Burt is a Las Vegas mainstay who gets elbowed out of the spotlight by a new upstart, played by Jim Carrey.

The cast also includes Alan Arkin, Olivia Wilde, James Gandolfini, and most importantly, Steve Buscemi.

I'm gonna say it now: Even though this sounds funny, it would take a really tight script and stellar improv for Steve and Jim to surpass 2011's most unexpected movie magician: David Tennant in leather and guyliner to play a Criss Angel lookalike in the horror flick Fright Night.

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