Stephenie Meyer Says the Gender-Swapped Twilight ‘Is Not a Real Book,’ Oh Goodie

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Stephanie Meyer The Host Book Launcg Coral Gables US February 19 2013

In case you missed it, earlier this week Twilight author Stephenie Meyer released a gender-swapped version of the book in honor of the 10th anniversary. The new version, titled Life and Death, reimagines Bella as a human boy named Beau and Edward as a female vampire named Edythe. Meyer explained that she wanted to use the rerelease as a way to prove Bella isn't a “damsel in distress.”

Apparently Meyer did a little more than just search and replace the names and pronouns. There are other changes as well, including a different ending. But that doesn't mean it's a total page-one rewrite. Flavorwire's review of the book describes it as reading “in part like she just switched a whole bunch of names and left pages of dialogue and action untouched.”

Meyer herself admits in the foreword that the process of putting this version together was “really fast and easy.” This is after she makes an all-caps apology for not releasing Midnight Sun, the version of Twilight from Edward's perspective that fans were hoping to finally read in its completed form.

Yesterday at New York Comic Con, Meyer made us press our palms even deeper into our faces when she said she considers this new release to be bonus material and then added this gem:

“I want to say this is not a real book, and I am totally aware of this.”

Not a real book. Not a real book. NOT A REAL BOOK.

Yes, she's totally aware that this is not a real book — all 442 pages of it. She's also aware that she's getting paid for it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's the part she's most aware of, considering she just said a couple of years ago that she's “so over” Twilight and it doesn't make her happy anymore.

I just can't wait until the 20th anniversary, when she will inevitably release a gender-swapped version of Life and Death that will really just be the entire text of the original Twilight disguised as “bonus material.”

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