Stephen Colbert Hilariously Embraced Gwen Stefani’s Version Of His Name On His Show Last Night

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Stephen Colbert nodding

As if you needed any more proof that Stephen Colbert is a gift to be cherished, on last night's episode of his show The Colbert Report, he made very funny reference to a certain mispronunciation of his name that the Internet has been trying to make happen since Monday night.

If you watched the Emmys earlier this week and didn't fall asleep over the same damn things winning over and over, you might have caught Gwen Stefani mispronouncing Stephen Colbert's name when announcing he'd won the Outstanding Variety Series award. Of course the people of Twitter immediately pointed it out, spelling it “Colbort” and getting very excited that maybe we had another Adele Dazeem on our hands. I'm sorry to say I don't think it will ever come close to that level of amazingness. That was a certain type of perfection that cannot ever be recreated, no matter how loudly we yell “Colbort” or how many “surfbort” puns we make.

But the one exception I'll make to this rule is when the joke comes from the man himself. Last night Stephen changed the opening of his show, which features a classic backdrop of various important and patriotic words. Where it would usually say “Colbert,” it now said “Colbore.” And so from now on I think we should all agree that it's spelled “Colbore” and not “Colbort.” Just like Adele Dazeem wasn't Adele Nazeem or Adele Dazim or any other spelling. Get it right, people!

Colbert Report Colbore opening August 2014

(video here)

Stephen pre-recorded this particular episode before the Emmys happened, so since he's not a psychic (although at this point I wouldn't be surprised), he didn't talk about the flub during the show. But I think that's good. Let's not run this into the ground. The man himself has made fun of it, and now we can move on. And possibly make some more Adele Dazeem jokes. Seriously, I never get tired of them. I'm even thinking of listing her as my emergency contact. Thoughts?

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