Even Though Stephanie Pratt Is Wearing A Diamond Ring, She Was Kidding About Being Engaged

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Even Though Stephanie Pratt Is Wearing A Diamond Ring  She Was Kidding About Being Engaged Screen shot 2012 01 03 at 9 01 13 AM pngIt’s bad enough that celebrities constantly throw us off by wearing diamond rings but not actually being engaged. (I’m looking at you, Selena Gomez.) But to post a photo to your Twitter after New Year’s Eve flashing a rock, with a happy boyfriend in tow, with the caption I am still in shock!!—that’s just cruel. And that’s exactly what former The Hills star Stephanie Pratt did.

On Sunday, Stephanie tweeted the photo at left, which seems pretty cut-and-dried. (Although it should be noted that the guy, David Osokow, is someone she hasn’t really been seen with before.) And pal Lauren Conrad, who was also on the trip, tweeted congrats on your engagement! on the 2nd.

Then Stephanie made her fans look like idiots by explaining that this was obviously some convoluted joke:

omg! Friendship ring! Not engaged! I’m single! Xxoo!

NOT engaged! I’m single! @LaurenConrad has a funny sense of humor!

We have no idea why Lauren and Stephanie thought this would be so funny. In fact, it’s pretty clear that they were just looking for attention and had no other way to get it than by making fake news. (Just like on The Hills!) It wasn’t even funny like Brandi Glanville getting hitched to a friend “for fun.”

The other important thing that Lauren tweeted was her resolutions for 2012. They include sending thank-you notes, doing dinner with friends, and organizing her closet. How about doing something worthwhile to get yourself in the news?