Meet The Leads Of Step Up Revolution: They Could Be The Next Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan

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Step Up Revolution Ryan Guzman Kathryn McCormick

We're psyched for the latest star-crossed-lovers dance movie Step Up Revolution, and ClevverTV has this exclusive webisode introducing you to the leads! With each new Step Up movie, the stakes get progressively higher so that we go from caring about one dancer's audition to the makeshift families of “dance houses” to Step Up Revolution‘s “protest mobs.” That's right, the fourth installment is getting political—but at the end of the film, we're still focused on a guy and a girl united by their love of dance.

As with 2006's Step Up, the leads of Step Up Revolution are two unknowns: Kathryn McCormick plays Emily, the privileged daughter of a wealthy businessman, who wants to pursue a career as a dancer. But her goals change when she meets Ryan Guzman‘s character Sean, the leader of a dance crew called MOB. MOB performs cutting-edge dance flash mobs whose style entices Emily to explore new moves. But when her father (Peter Gallagher) wants to tear down MOB's historic neighborhood, Emily must join up with them to put out a new series of “protest mobs” to get their message across.

In the webisode below, we meet Ryan and Kathryn and get a sense for how they've learned to take on the rigorous dance sequences as well as the intimacy of dancing and acting together. While Kathryn cut her teeth on season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance, Ryan is a relative newbie!

The leads' respect for each other is kind of adorable. Ryan confesses, “That chemistry just comes like that; you can't force it. And you forget about Ryan and Kathryn and start turning into Sean and Emily. I've never had this feeling, actually; as soon as we were done, I had to tell her, ‘This was amazing.'” We can't help but be reminded of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, neither of whom was a household name when they met in 2006. Their on-screen romance led to a real-life marriage, and of course we later learned about Channing's dancer past, which we'll be seeing more of in the upcoming Magic Mike. We're excited to see Ryan and Kathryn dance in Step Up Revolution (out July 27) and to find out what future projects hold for them.

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