STD Week: TV/Movie Characters Who Get Tricked Into Acting in Herpes Commercials

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You know what's funny? Having STDs. Or at least, that's what TV and movie writers think, because there are at least three instances where a character has unknowingly become the face of genital herpes or another cringe-inducing condition, by starring in a commercial for STD medication. Whether the characters were trying to earn a quick buck or incurred the wrath of an angry female, the experience forever tarnishes their image… and it gets the laughs.

Joey Tribbiani, Friends

Poor Joey (Matt LeBlanc): His first modeling gig has him acting as the face of the city's free clinic — but they fail to tell him that it's for a venereal disease. The worst part, his mug is plastered all over New York City: In the subway, in cafe windows, and even in Times Square. (The video won't embed, but you can watch it on YouTube.)

Sam Winchester, Supernatural

In the season 5 episode “Changing Channels,” a being called the Trickster — who is revealed to be a fallen angel — traps Sam and Dean in a series of TV shows, which gave the show the chance to parody medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy, procedurals like CSI: Miami, family-friendly sitcoms, and uplifting STD commercials like the one above. The writers went for accuracy with this one, including the couple slow-dancing and the yoga girl contorting her body into poses while smiling serenely. The fact that Sam (Jared Padalecki) has to play along in order to figure out where the Trickster is, makes it even more hilarious.

John Tucker, John Tucker Must Die

Don't piss off three high school girls, because even if they're in different cliques — overachieving reporter, vegan slut, and stupid cheerleader — they'll band together to bring about your downfall. While still tricking John (Jesse Metcalfe) into thinking she's OK with the break-up, Beth (Sophia Bush) convinces him to do a modeling shoot in the woods. John is so trusting that he doesn't ask what she'll do with the photos — which is why they surprise him at a genital herpes ad in the local movie theater. But since he's the big man on the high-school campus, the ad actually improves his image.