Stay Away From Leonardo Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan who is back on the market and isn't wasting any time. She literally threw herself at Leonardo Dicaprio while partying last week.

I Love Leonardo Dicaprio and not such a fan of Lindsay Lohan. So when I heard the news about Lindsay flocking toward Lenoardo, I went bright red with anger.

Fametastic told us that Lohan was going for the big catch (isn't she always?) and when she spotted him the corner at a club, she headed straight for him. She made sure that she was the main attention and had him all to herself. I would loose a lot of respect for Leo if he even gave her the time of day. This girl seriously needs to calm down and straighten up. She's all over the map doing god knows what. She actually could be a pretty girl, but is ruining herself with all the trash talk that comes with her. Fametastic says Leo didn't even flinch when talking to Lindsay. Atta boy! Only chatting and her dancing in front of him thinking that was going to turn him on. Leo has been dating model Bar Rafaeli for the last two years so not exactly sure why Lohan thought she had a chance. Dream on Lohan.

Image: Newscom