16 Major Stars Who Refused to Come Back For Their TV Show’s Revival

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It's always a sad day when a TV show ends. Typically, the only hope we have is finding it on Netflix or praying the cast will do a reunion special. Sometimes, we are very lucky and the stars align to give us a TV reboot.

While we're often ecstatic over the news of a show coming back, there's usually a sad part when we realize that not every actor and actress from the original series will be part of the new version. Even when actors and actresses are offered to reprise their roles, they often turn them down. Whether it has to do with money, previous commitments, or just not wanting to do it (rude), the point is that the stars won't be coming back so the reboot will never be fully complete. And then there are celebrities who turn down their shot to be in reality TV show reboots despite the originals making them famous.

Here are 16 stars who refused to come back for their television show's reboot.