Stars in Danger: The High Dive Actually Puts Stars in Danger

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I like this trend of making celebrities compete for things. Because what fun are B- to D-list celebrities if we can't watch them dance and… jump off the high dive? I have to say, Fox's one-time special Stars in Danger: The High Dive definitely delivered on its promise of putting stars in danger. This competition show was easily one of the more bizarre things I've seen on TV, but I actually have quite a bit of respect for the celebrities who participated. I'm not really afraid of heights, but I don't know if I could jump off a high dive headfirst.

Hunky soap opera star Antonio Sabato Jr. took home the overall individual prize. He and his biceps were very excited.      74010 Stephen “Twitch” Boss, former So You Think You Can Dance contestant and dancer in some of the million Step Up sequels, and his partner Bethany Hamilton won the synchronized diving round. In case you don't remember, Bethany Hamilton is the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. And not only does she still surf, she dove into a pool from the high dive headfirst. This girl is fearless and totally awesome. Their final partner dive was very good:


And they were really cute and excited when they won.


They faced some pretty stiff competition from Team Baywatch, Alexandra Paul and David Chokachi. And they were intense. Alexandra is a competitive triathlete in real life now. Like, if you accidentally turned this show on and didn't know what it was and Team Baywatch was up you might think you were seeing reruns of the Olympics. Except for the larger splashes.


Tragically, JWoww was supposed to compete but injured herself during practice. Luckily, this video of her bellyflopping survives.

There were a whole lot of speedos and a whole lot of muscles, exhibited especially by Terrell Owens and Antonio Sabato Jr. See below.


The athletes definitely had an advantage in the competition. I was really surprised Terrell didn't make to to the final round. I thought he was the best diver. Yes, I did end up getting invested in this show. Don't judge.

Definitely the weirdest contributions to the show came from Kim Richards and Kyle Richards. Surprised?


Apparently, this show was the magic bullet they needed to salvage their relationship. Being terrified of heights and eventually jumping from them is a bonding experience, I guess. There were some tears and lots of self reflection. An announcer said that Kim and Kyle opted just to “fall off” the diving board, and that's exactly what they did.


But hey, again, I don't know if I'd be able to do it myself. I weirdly enjoyed Stars in Danger. I expected it to be a delightfully weird disaster, but it wasn't a disaster at all. It was delightfully weird, though. Apparently, ABC has a similar series planned, but Fox got to the idea first. I'd say they have some pretty big shoes to fill. Why don't we make celebrities jump off high dives more often? We watch them fight on TV, they might as well duke it out in weird imitation-Olympic sports.


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