Video: Galaxia De Pasión Is The Star Wars Telenovela You Didn’t Know You Were Yearning For

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Han Solo and Princess Leia are one of my all-time favorite movie couples: Bantering from ice planet Hoth to the inside of the Millennium Falcon, even while facing off against two Death Stars and the power of the Empire. Their snarky sexual tension is part of what made The Empire Strikes Back the rare good sequel/middle movie… and now some YouTubers are gently poking fun at it in this funny remix.

Galaxia de Pasión reimagines Star Wars as a dramatic Spanish telenovela, starring Han as Armando, Leia as Esmerelda, Luke as (my favorite) Pepe, and C-3PO as El Robot de Sexo. The creators, OneMinuteGalactica, seem to have a lot of fun playing George Lucas and remixing the original trilogy: Another of their videos is “Existential Star Wars (In French).” What's especially impressive here is that the Spanish actually matches the absurd English subtitles. That, matched with Han's surprised face — standing in for the reaction shot to the various dramatic “twists” — make this a hilarious parody, even funnier because it's so unexpected.

And here we thought the only Star Wars love story we could laugh at was Anakin/Padme.