The New Star Wars Movie May Have Actually Gotten People Off the Internet for Once

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Han Chewie

Good news for all those people who complain that folks these days spend too much time on the interwebz. A new report shows that web traffic in several countries was down recently. No, it's not because people were reading books or spending quality time with their families. It's because they were all so focused on the new Star Wars movie.

You may have thought the release of The Force Awakens would have caused an increase in Internet activity, what with everyone sharing their excitement over social media and watching all the homages and parodies that were released in the days leading up to the premiere. But as it turns out, the very opposite appears to have happened. Fans didn't break the Internet; they abandoned it.

A new infographic by web security firm Imperva shows the decrease in Internet traffic during the first IMAX screening of The Force Awakens in six different countries.

Star Wars web traffic Imperva

Imperva also looked at the hourly changes in traffic in the 24 hours after the first screening in the United States, concluding that Internet traffic declined by 5.15 percent in total. The firm speculates that this drop in activity could also have to do with fans staying off the Internet to avoid movie spoilers. (It's a mine field out there, my friends. Tread carefully.)

Coincidence? Yeah, maybe. But now that I think about it, I didn't see anyone checking their phones during the screening I attended on Friday. Well, except that guy next to me who decided to use his phone's light to search for something he dropped on the floor just a few minutes in. (I don't blame him, the opening titles were exciting.) Add in the fact that I'm pretty sure every single person living in a 20-mile radius was waiting in the same concessions line that night, and this is all starting to make a lot more sense.

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