Wanna Know Who The New Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Is, Ya’ll?

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Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness 2013Well, I really have to hand it to J.J. Abrams and the entire cast and crew of Star Trek Into Darkness, because they were able to keep the real name of their villain quiet almost up until the release date of the film. I just looked in our archive and the first post I ever wrote about this sequel to the 2009 film was back in December of 2012, and I was already speculating openly about who the villain is. We always knew he was played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and after a while they even gave him a name — John Harrison — but they were meticulous about no details getting out about who that person really was.

Speculation on the internet has always been highest between two characters: Gary Mitchell, who was a shipmate of Kirk's who developed a god complex and tried to take over the ship…or Khan Noonien Singh, one of the most memorable Star Trek villains of all time, famously played by Ricardo Montalban back in 1967 and 1982. I personally went back and forth between assuming it was Gary Mitchell because the Khan storyline is more iconic, to assuming it was Khan because he's such an iconic character. I think that by the end I was leaning more toward Khan, but that's the beauty of this strategy — nobody knew, so the internet was full of speculation and free press for the movie, day after day. We knew there were Klingons in the movie and that it was designed specifically by J.J. to make us cry, but we had no idea who John Harrison was. Until now.

Okay so here's the thing, though. It's not like something leaked out from the production team or something; it's just that people have started to actually see the movie, so this isn't just hearsay. Aka this is a major spoiler alert, so if you're not interested in knowing who the villain is until you see the movie, quit reading now and break all your electronic equipment, because it's gonna be hard to avoid until May 17th. Are you still reading? Okayyyyy. I'm taking that as tacit agreement that you want to know that the villain is reportedly…

KHAN. Khaaaaaaaaannnnn!

Booya, mother-effers, I just got so excited to see this shit.

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